Chiara Wolfbeisz Fraunhofer CMB Intern

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Chiara getting familiar with a chromatography equipment (Waters) used for purification of antibacterial compounds.

Chiara Wolfbeisz

Intern at CMB in Newark, Delaware (2018/2019)

B. Sc. Biology at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg, Germany

During my internship in the Microbiology group at the Center for Molecular Biotechnology I was involved in several aspects of antibiotics discovery. I received training in the isolation and characterization of novel soil derived bacterial strains and got to know a variety of different purification processes of antimicrobial agents.

I had the opportunity to be part of an international, very open-minded research team and worked side by side with professional scientists, who became more than colleagues during my time in the USA! Especially for me as an undergrad intern, it was awesome to learn multiple standard lab techniques/methods and to gain a realistic insight into the daily work of a scientist.

All in all, I am glad that I had the chance to meet so many amazing people. I learned a lot, not just about the American way of life, but also about myself during this exciting time in my life!


We thank Chiara for her contributions and wish her well in her bright future.