Francesc Subirada CMI 2018

CMI Research Intern

January 2018

© Fraunhofer CMI
Francesc Subirada removing a 3D printed mold for making PDMS microchannels from the 3D printer.

 "I worked in the characterization of medical devices as an engineer in Spain and I wanted to write my master thesis in the United States. I quickly found that Fraunhofer CMI was the best option because of the many projects combining engineering and human health that they worked on.

I am enjoying my work. Being part of the R&D in the bioengineering department is really interesting. Getting to work on mostly biological projects doing the engineering work like fluid mechanics, design, 3D printing, optimizing processes and many others has helped me learn new skills.

I am very happy about my choice to come here. The international working environment is very friendly and there are many ways to network. I’m liking Boston so far because of its enormous quantity of students, their passion for sports, and all the social as well as academic events they hold.

I truly recommend this experience. If you are open minded you will find a lot of opportunities both professionally and personally."