Hjalmar Hannesson CESE

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Hjalmar Hannesson, Research Assistant Fraunhofer USA CESE

Looking back, my intern experience has been really good. The CESE people are awesome and it's cool to see so many different and exciting projects going on at the same time. I was assigned to the cybersecurity team which, in my opinion, definitely has the coolest projects.​ I wasn't that interested in cybersecurity before I came to Fraunhofer but after this internship I could see myself working in that field after I finish my studies. This internship has given me a lot of experience and I've grown more comfortable doing actual work, which is really different from being at school. Overall, I'm very happy that I did this internship and I would encourage people to do the same, if given the opportunity.

Hjalmar Hannesson

Research Assistant

Fraunhofer USA CESE