Conor Corry CCD 2018

Fraunhofer CCD Research Intern

January 2018

© Fraunhofer CCD
Conor Corry wiring of a new BUS system/Using a Screwdriver to open a pluggable wiring terminal on a bus module

"Currently, I am taking part in an internship at Fraunhofer CCD (Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies) in East Lansing, Michigan. Back home in Northern Ireland, I am a BSc (Hons) Technology with Design Student in the School of Engineering, Ulster University. Although the distance I have travelled to take this internship may be great, the experience and skills I have gained during my time thus far are greater. 

Working for an illustrious institution such as Fraunhofer CCD as a part of the systems group, this has allowed me to grow not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Challenging individual tasks have allowed me to gain confidence within my own abilities as well as providing professional experience that advances my professional career. Team assignments have allowed me to meet new, friendly and interesting people along with gaining professional contacts for later in life. 

Obtaining this internship is not simply the best experience I can receive but it is the best experience anyone can receive and I say this without any doubt. Experiencing culture in America outside of the work environment is also very rewarding by expanding your social network, opening yourself to new things and also being able to see a side of the world that is so familiar but different in ways that you won’t expect!"