Fraunhofer TechBridge Announces The Design2Scale Challenge: Seeking Innovations and Technologies in 3rd Generation Biofuels Downstream Processing

BOSTON, August 19, 2019 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Fraunhofer TechBridge is now accepting applications for its newest TechBridge Challenge, the Designed2Scale Challenge presented in collaboration with ExxonMobil.


The Designed2Scale Challenge is seeking innovations, solutions and startup technologies that decrease energy and chemical intensity for 3rd generation biofuels, mainly the downstream processing components. This challenge is set up in partnership with ExxonMobil, aiding their technology team to integrate various solutions to minimize energy usage, and thereby CO2 footprint, through technological innovation in key energy intensive areas at scale. Solutions of interest to ExxonMobil include:

●     Technologies and strategies to aid in algal separation, cell disruption and pretreatment of microalgal cells, prior to lipid extraction

●     Technologies, strategies and processes to efficiently extract intracellular lipids from microalgae

●     New capabilities in microalgal downstream processing that minimize energy usage, chemical intensity and/or complexity

Fraunhofer TechBridge, a program of Fraunhofer USA, will award up to $50,000 in prototyping, demonstration, and/or validation services from the world-renowned Fraunhofer R&D network to selected teams working on solutions in this domain. Such awards have been proven to lower barriers for private investment and strategic partnerships.

●     Up to $50,000 in startup technology validation, demonstration and piloting services from the Fraunhofer R&D network

●     Potential for collaborative technology development with the intent to demonstrate viable downstream processing technologies at ExxonMobil’s large-scale cultivation facility.

Moreover, this opportunity provides the context and framework to build close relationships with ExxonMobil, which may, upon program conclusion, result in an investment, joint development agreement, technical project, pilot and/or additional partnership format(s).

Proposals are due by November 15, 2019 at: Applicants and awardees' intellectual property will be fully protected throughout the review process.

About Fraunhofer USA TechBridge Program

The TechBridge Program is led by Fraunhofer USA Inc. in the United States. Fraunhofer has established itself as a leading industry-driven International laboratory accelerating the adoption of energy technologies through scientific research and engineering innovation. The core offering of TechBridge is applied, industry-focused projects performed for entrepreneurs by the Fraunhofer Network with the express goal of de-risking novel technologies for the private sector. Projects may take the form of developing and testing prototypes, deploying field demonstrations, performing third-party validation, generating test data in an industry context, or manufacturability studies. These projects bring promising technologies closer to market and make them more attractive for private sector investment, industry adoption, and scale-up funding, ultimately leading to the accelerated success of high growth entrepreneurs and businesses. For more information on Fraunhofer TechBridge, please visit the TechBridge Webpage


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Fraunhofer TechBridge Contact

Nick Rancis

Fraunhofer TechBridge Program Lead