Frederike Kisters- CMB

Intern at CMB

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Fraunhofer CMB Intern Frederike Kisters preparing Akta Pure chromatography system for fractionation of antimicrobial peptides

I am a Life Science student at the University of Konstanz in Germany and I am completing an internship at Fraunhofer USA’s Center for Molecular Biotechnology in Newark, DE. I am part of the Microbiology group at the Center and mainly work on screening of anaerobic bacteria for antimicrobial compounds.

This internship has been a really great experience so far! During my time at Fraunhofer CMB I have been involved in various projects and learned several new methods including chromatography, culturing of mammalian cells, and assays to measure antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity. Working at the Center is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get an inside look into research and experience an international environment. The team at Fraunhofer CMB is very welcoming and I am happy to say that I have found many good friends here!