Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technology:Prototype Neural Probe with Polycrystalline Diamond heat spreader (Left) and standard SU-8 probe (Right)

Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innnovations- Automated Plant-Based Vaccine Production: Delivery of plants for infiltration with a biological vector.

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE is developing Plug and Play PV Systems to dramatically reduce the soft costs of residential PV installations, targeting a goal of $1.50/Watt installed cost by 2020, down from an average of $4/W installed cost.

The Center for Laser Applications provides research and development expertise in laser materials processing

Trays of plants are inverted for immersion in vacuum infiltration tank. 

The Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering scientists are experts in the advancement of software development.

Fraunhofer CEI- Developing glass compositions

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Fraunhofer CMI Seminar

Fraunhofer USA CMI proudly presents

Professor Dr. rer. nat. Petra Kluger, Head of the Cell and Tissues Engineering Department at the Fraunhofer Institue for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnologie in Stuttgart/Germany


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Michigan State Lab Video Tour

Michigan State University campus laboratory in collaboration with Fraunhofer USA CCD


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Fraunhofer CESE Executive Director Adam Porter Receives Seed Grant to Develop Source Code Analysis Tools


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Beam me up to the video conference

When science fiction heroes communicate, they don‘t use landlines or cell phones. The caller simply appears in virtual form in the middle of the room; full sized and three dimensional. For researchers at Fraunhofer, this vision is already within reach: At the trade fairs IFA in Berlin (Hall 11.1, Booth 3) and IBC in Amsterdam (Hall 8, Booth 8.B80) they will show a new technology technology called "3D Human Body Reconstruction".

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Human ahoy!

On a technological behemoth like a ship, in many cases the crew, or “human element“ get little attention when planning the design and operations – a mistake, as statistics show: most accidents at sea can be traced back to human error, not technical error. The CyClaDes project brought the industry together and showed how more consideration can be given to the human operators and their contexts in the shipbuilding and operational process.

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Taking the momentum out of vibrations

Diesel engines vibrate. This produces tremendous stress on the components of ships. Adaptronic systems effectively reduce these vibrations. At the maritime trade fair SMM, Fraunhofer researchers are presenting a simulation tool that allows these systems to be developed efficiently: The “Mechanical Simulation Toolbox“ is now available on the market and easy to use.

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A computer simulation to spare children from heart surgery

Children with congenital heart defects often undergo a battery of strenuous examinations and interventions. In the EU CARDIOPROOF project, Fraunhofer researchers have developed software to simulate certain interventions in advance. Preliminary results point to a reduced need to perform numerous interventions.

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