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Join the Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI at Boston TechJam 2019

Join the Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI at Boston TechJam 2019;  June 13th @ Boston City Hall Plaza

Join the block party while toasting to the region’s success and your role in making that happen. Listen to great local music, join the fun with many interactive activities and enjoy local food and drink.  Come on down and network in a whole new way. “Geek out” and see what other pioneering people and companies are doing with technology that will change the world. Whether you attend by yourself or bring your team, we’ve got some cool ways that make connecting with people fun. Visit fellow developers, marketing and biz dev pros, founders, tech execs and others who love to “geek out” and see innovation in action! Meet with Boston’s top VCs. Discover people who can help you with website design, PR, legal, and more.

Stay tuned for details of the Fraunhofer USA CMI program.

Fraunhofer USA CMI contact:

Bill Mosolgo

Biology Graduate Student Association Graduate Networking Forum

Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology CMB

Newark, DE   Feb 2019

Fraunhofer USA CMB’s Executive Director, Dr. Stephen Streatfield, participated as a panelist at the graduate Networking Forum at the University of Delaware. The aim of the panel was to help graduate students increase their knowledge of career paths and opportunities in STEM fields outside of academia. Additionally, there was an interactive panel focused on careers in academia.

The event was organized by the Biology Graduate Student Association.

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Fraunhofer USA CESE Welcomes New Colleagues

February 2019

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Jason Hauzel

Rohan Reddy Mekala

College Park, MD

Fraunhofer USA CESE would like to welcome our newest team members:

Jason Hauzel

who will be working as a research scientist under the supervision of Dr. Mikael Lindvall. Jason is a Maryland native and graduated from the University of Maryland (UM) in 2014 with a B.S. in Biology and Biochemistry. 

A change in career path led Jason to return to UM to purse a B.S. in Computer Science. During his final year of study, Jason interned with CESE for several months before completing his studies in December 2018. 

Jason comments, “The internship at CESE provided the opportunity to gain insights into the wide variety of software engineering challenges that the team addresses for its government, academic and commercial clients everyday. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the Fraunhofer mission and working with this team of professionals that clearly take great pride in their work.”

Rohan Reddy Mekala

who will be working as a Research Data Scientist. Rohan recently graduated from UMD, College Park with an M.S. in Information Systems.

While studying, Rohan interned with Fraunhofer USA CESE for 6 months, during which he worked on projects involving machine learning and applications of neural networks in the fields of Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing. 

Prior to pursuing his masters, Rohan founded two technology firms in the travel e-commerce and digital analytics space. 
In his free time, Rohan loves studying stock market data, playing soccer and travelling.  

Fraunhofer USA CMB Intern sharing Experience

January 2019

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Chiara getting familiar with a chromatography equipment (Waters) used for purification of antibacterial compounds.


Chiara Wolfbeisz is finishing her Internship at Fraunhofer USA CMB in Newark DE. We thank Chiara for her contributions and wish her well in her bright future.

Educational background: B. Sc. Biology at Julius-Maximilians-University Wuerzburg, Germany

During my internship in the Microbiology group at the Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology CMB, I was involved in several aspects of antibiotics discovery. I received training in the isolation and characterization of novel soil derived bacterial strains and got to know a variety of different purification processes of antimicrobial agents.

I had the opportunity to be part of an international, very open-minded research team and worked side by side with professional scientists, who became more than colleagues during my time in the USA! Especially for me as an undergrad intern, it was awesome to learn multiple standard lab techniques/methods and to gain a realistic insight into the daily work of a scientist.

All in all, I am glad that I had the chance to meet so many amazing people. I learned a lot, not just about the American way of life, but also about myself during this exciting time in my life!