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Fraunhofer Academy in the US

November 2017

Clara Tu at Integr8
© Photo Automation Alley

Clara Tu from Fraunhofer Academy at Integr8 2017

We had the honor to host our colleague Clara Tu, Program Manager from Fraunhofer Academy Germany, for a month in the US.

Fraunhofer Academy is Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's specialist provider of continuing education and part-time training for people in the workforce. The Fraunhofer Academy is currently mainly focused on the German and European market in offering technical training programs.

Clara was on a fact-finding mission, to explore if expanding Fraunhofer Academy's international activities would be valuable for the US market. Together with Fraunhofer's partnering universities like Boston University, University of Maryland and Michigan State University as well as Carnegie Mellon University, she expanded Fraunhofer's network in new areas – formulating lifelong learning programs with Fraunhofer technology and innovation.

Clara travelled to Fraunhofer USA Centers to present the Fraunhofer Academy programs.

Going forward, the academy is supporting Fraunhofer USA Centers to promote their inventions and innovations through training programs to companies and individuals who want to upskill in specific technology areas.

In her final week, Clara together with Dr. Patrick Bressler, Executive Vice President Fraunhofer USA, was invited to speak at Integr8, Automation Alley's annual Conference about Global Industry 4.0. She with other panelists including Dr. John F. Carrier, from MIT Sloan School of Management, discussed how skills and jobs will change because of industry 4.0 and IIOT.

Dr. Patrick Bressler, presented Fraunhofer's Initiatives in IIOT in the panel "Next-Gen Factories: Unlocking the Value of IIoT".

The conference was fully booked with 550 participants and will take place in November 2018 again.

We are confident that the fruitful discussions and exchanges will lead to future endeavors and close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Academy and look forward to future visits.

CESE accompanies Maryland delegation for meeting in Munich

November 2017

© Photo Howard County Economic Development Authority

Pictured from left to right, Lawrence Twele (CEO, HCEDA); Pete O’Neill (CESE); Helga Weschke (MD Commerce); Patrick Wynn (VP of Cyber Business Development); Allan Kittleman (County Executive, Howard County MD); Vernon Thompson (EVP, HCEDA); Maria Angelica Vargas (Int’l Business, HCEDA).

A delegation from the Maryland State Government and Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA) accompanied by representatives from Fraunhofer CESE, met with Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft's International department and Fraunhofer Venture Labs on November 2.

Officials from Maryland State Government and Howard County discussed their interest in attracting German technology and cybersecurity firms to the U.S. and the County’s specific assets and strengths in the cybersecurity domain and how to expand the relationship with Fraunhofer. Howard County is located adjacent to the U.S. National Security Agency, the U.S. Army Cyber Command, and is home to approximately 11,000 cybersecurity professionals, as well as HCEDA’s planned Cybersecurity Innovation Center which opens in 2018 and will serve as a business incubator and network hub for U.S. and international firms seeking a cost-effective landing site to kick start their business operations. “Howard County is home to a diverse and well-educated talent pool,” said Lawrence Twele, CEO of the HCEDA. “Through missions like this, we can better connect business leaders to their counterparts overseas, creating stronger bonds and a deeper pool of resources for our businesses. Having institutions like Fraunhofer operating in the county will open doors for local firms to begin partnering directly with these European companies, helping them secure additional international investments.”


For more information, please contact Peter O'Neill poneill(at)fc-md.umd.edu

Fraunhofer CSE at Greenbuild Intl. Conference Boston

Fraunhofer CSE's Kurt Roth presenting Building Energy Systems at Greenbuild 2017
© Photo Fraunhofer CSE

Fraunhofer CSE's Kurt Roth presenting Building Energy Systems at Greenbuild 2017

8-10 November 2017, Boston MA

Fraunhofer CSE attended and exhibited at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from November 8, 2017 - November 10, 2017. Their booth was in the Intelligent Building & Connected Home section of the exhibition and featured the latest news and projects from CSE’s Building Energy Systems and Building Enclosures groups. On Friday, November 10, Fraunhofer CSE’s office building at 5 Channel Center street in Boston was featured in the Greenbuild’s Green Building Tours and CSE welcomes over 50 Greenbuild attendees to tour the building and learn about Living in a Material World

For more info contact marketing@cse.fraunhofer.org

Fraunhofer CMI - Meet our new faces

© Photo Fraunhofer CMI

November 2017, Brookline MA

The Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI at Boston University welcomes 6 new Interns to their group. Students from Germany, Spain, India and China with fields of study fom industrial, chemical and mechanical engineering to biomedial sciences and digital communication are assigned to project groups. 

For more information on internships, please contact Fraunhofer CMI directly.

cmi (at) fraunhofer.org