Fraunhofer CESE Partners with South Carolina


Prof. Adam Porter, Executive Director Fraunhofer CESE, presenting at the South Carolina Tech Talk October 2018

Author: South Carolina Department of Commerce

New collaboration to create unified, cloud-based platform to support South Carolina’s logistics industry

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The S.C. Department of Commerce today announced a partnership between the state of South Carolina and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering CESE to bring state-of-the-art innovation to South Carolina industry and logistics providers.  

This applied research and innovation project will be achieved by collaboration between the University of South Carolina (USC), Fraunhofer USA and two South Carolina firms -- Datos Consulting and G&P Trucking. Focused initially on the development of a cloud-based platform and data cybersecurity for transportation companies, this project has the ability to be developed to include other modes of freight movement in the future.

The new cloud-based platform will provide a variety of services to logistics companies, including: optimization of business processes; real-time decision making; risk management; and cybersecurity and privacy enforcement. To do this, researchers will collect and integrate data that is available from Internet of Things devices and external big data systems, such as weather information, economic factors, fuel prices, real-time traffic conditions and social media.

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