Fraunhofer USA at Integr8 2018


© Photo by Derek Cookson for Automation Alley
Dr. Marco Kampka- Fraunhofer CMI, Clara Tu- Fraunhofer Academy at Integr8 2018
© Fraunhofer USA
from left to right: Dr. Marco Kampka- Fraunhofer CMI, Dorothea Baxter- Fraunhofer USA, Clara Tu- Fraunhofer Academy, Ruzzel Zarras- Fraunhofer CCD, Peter O'Neill- Fraunhofer CESE

As part of the “Year of German-American Friendship” initiative in 2018/19, Fraunhofer USA, together with its partners Fraunhofer Academy and Automation Alley, presented a keynote on "Germany Innovates- Industry 4.0 and Beyond" and participated in a panel discussion about skill development for new jobs in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) at Integr8 2018.


With over 700 participants from industry, academia and government, Integr8 2018 was an ideal framework for high-level discussions about the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0

Ms. Clara Tu from Fraunhofer Academy discussed the research landscape in Germany, technology and human adaptability as well as future skills needed for the coming work environments. Dr. Marco Kampka from the Fraunhofer Center for Manufacturing Innovation CMI presented the infrastructure of the “Internet of Production”.

“German engineering is still a well-known term in the engineering world. Showing the “Wunderbar Together” logo with the German and the US flag in the logo started quite a few conversations” remarked Dr. Kampka.

"Training and skill development are becoming critical topics for future work environments. We were able to see this change at Automation Alley's Integr8 conference as well. Last year there was just one session regarding skill development, this year there were a lot of breakout sessions regarding this topic. As a speaker, I had the opportunity to talk to other speakers and to the audience about Fraunhofer and about workforce development challenges. I see the US in many topics as a leading country in creating new digital business models as well as training people for the fourth industry revolution. Germany is doing really well in the area of Industrie 4.0 and the digital transformation with machines and with people and we can bring that to the transatlantic conversation" said Clara Tu.

The expo table provided a chance to highlight Fraunhofer USA’s and Fraunhofer Academy’s competencies in the applied research world. Opportunities for cooperation and exchanges to strengthen transatlantic collaboration in education, applied research and innovation were part of the information underscoring the “Year of German-American Friendship” initiative “Wunderbar Together”

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