Dr. Adam Porter Appointed Principal Investigator for NSF CYBERCARDIA Project


College Park, MD

Dr. Adam Porter, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland (UMD) and Executive and Scientific Director of Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering CESE, has recently been appointed as the UMD Principal Investigator for the National Science Foundation-funded CYBERCARDIA Project.  Dr. Porter is taking over from Dr. Rance Cleaveland, Professor of Computer Science at University of Maryland, who has accepted a 3-year assignment as Director of Computing and Communication Foundations at the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C.

This 5-year project includes collaborators from seven leading universities, Fraunhofer CESE and the FDA and is focused on developing and validating highly realistic cardiac models. The vision for the CYBERCARDIA platform is to be able to more rapidly and cost-effectively design, test and validate next-generation cardiac medical devices, including pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators. CyberCardia also aims to support the optimal design of patient-specific device therapies, thereby lowering the risk to the patient.

UMD and Fraunhofer CESE activities in support of CYBERCARDIA include researching new methods to: 1) learn, analyze, and verify CPSs whose behaviors are not specified completely and not well-understood 2) test CPSs that are difficult to test using conventional testing methods and 3) specify the behavior of CPSs from the perspective of safety and security.


For more information please contact:

Peter O'Neill

E-Mail: PONeill (at) fc-md.umd.edu