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Point-of-care Blood Dispenser


A novel device for collecting and dispensing fingerstick blood for point of care testing

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Point-of-care blood dispenser used during clinical testing for quantitative fingerstick applications

Quantitative blood delivery directly from a fingerstick for hyperlocal healthcare

With the increase in point-of-care (POC) tests that rely on small volumes of blood, many patients are stabbed multiple times with a traditional fingerstick to accommodate all the testing. With most dreading even one fingerstick, going through the experience several times in one visit is an understandable obstacle to hyperlocal healthcare. The engineers and scientists at Fraunhofer CMI combined with researchers at Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA to develop a blood dispensing device that could accurately collect 100 µL of blood from a single fingerstick and dispense precise volumes to an array of platforms. The innovative design uses simple capillaries that connect to a custom-built dispenser based on an adjustable volume pipettor for ease of use. Proving out their approach in a clinical study, this revolutionary tool could substantially improve patient-clinic relations.

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