TechBridge Awardees

TechBridge accelerates the commercialization of many early-stage technologies across a broad domain, from photovoltaics and smart grids to water treatment and beyond, through highly focused technical development and validation projects.

Awardee Testimonials


“Arctic Sand’s collaboration with Fraunhofer enabled us to develop the power conversion concepts within a solar panel system.” – Nadia Shalaby, Founder, Arctic Sand

“We were able to show potential investors that our [technology] had been technically validated and that the results showed the promise of the technology. Fraunhofer TechBridge helped us receive the venture funding that will take our technology to the next stage of commercialization.” – Swapnil Shah, CEO and Founder, FirstFuel Software

“The Fraunhofer name carried a lot of weight. Being able to go to an investor or partner and being able to say, ‘We’re working with Fraunhofer--they validated this approach’—that brings instant credibility and helped attract that investment.” – Ryan Williams, CTO, N12

“There’s never a straight line from point A to point B. It was a very iterative process… Fraunhofer was amazing. They enabled us to learn how to test and how to prototype in a very efficient and cost-effective way.” – Senthil Balasubramanian, Founder, Sistine Solar

“The Fraunhofer people understand applications and markets. They’re developers. They have a much better view of what’s necessary in the marketplace than academics or DOE.” – Les Fritzemeier, CEO, Tessolar

“Through TechBridge, Fraunhofer researchers provided valuable data for our discussions with prospective investors and partners.” – Dr. Miles Barr, President/CTO, Ubiquitous Energy