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Cell testing at the CSE’s PV
Module Innovation Lab.

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE)

New Horizons in Energy Research

The Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE), is a division of Fraunhofer USA, a non-profit subsidiary of the Fraunhofer Society, a world leading applied R&D organization.  CSE works with partners from across the solar, photovoltaics, building technology, and materials fields. We offer comprehensive support for development, testing, evaluation, education, and marketing of new technologies with considerable flexibility in project structure and intellectual property concerns. We work with a wide variety of clients, ranging from large multinational corporations to small startups and academic research groups.

Business Areas

We perform applied research and development work with partners and clients, including:

Collaborative Research with Industry
The Fraunhofer CSE works with commercial partners to help develop, test, assess, and measure new products and systems. 

Third-Party Validation
As a neutral party and trusted name, Fraunhofer CSE can confidentially evaluate materials and system performance. Fraunhofer’s assessments carry the weight of Europe’s largest applied contract R&D group, an organization with over 60 years of experience. 

Prototyping Services
In addition to undertaking independent projects, the prototyping team will also provide engineering assistance to other CSE and Fraunhofer groups in the form of CAD and design services, component sourcing, and generic electrical and optical testing. This allows the CSE to effectively tackle multidisciplinary projects that stretch beyond the scope of any one group.

Grant Partnerships
With its focus on applied research, the Fraunhofer CSE is an ideal complement to academic and industrial partners interested in responding to government grant solicitations in research areas of common interest. In this area the CSE’s scientific capabilities are matched by many years of in-house grantwriting expertise.

Start-Up Incubation
The CSE’s TechBridge Program fosters promising cleantech technologies and start-ups, providing technical guidance, equipment, and access to venture capital at the most critical phases.

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