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CESE engineers are working with NASA engineers on a long-term project to upgrade the Space-network Ground Segment (SGS), which comprises the antennas, relay equipment and software responsible for Earth-based communications with orbiting satellites and other spacecraft.


Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering CESE) 

The Core Competencies that CESE offers are founded on applying the Experience Factory concept to a broad spectrum of software engineering issues.  This approach has been successfully applied to software development at NASA for more than 25 years and recently at other organizations. This concept enables organizational learning based on lessons-learned and acknowledges the need for a separate support organization (the Experience Factory) that works with the project organization in order to manage and learn from its own experience. The support organization helps the project organization observe itself, collect data about itself, build models and draw conclusions based on the data, package the experience for further reuse, and most importantly, feed the experience back for future projects’ usage. 

CESE has six Core Competencies, related focus areas and tools which include: 

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